About the Town of Sullivan

Living & Working
The Town of Sullivan has many places to relax, and to work. We have Oneida Lake, Chittenango Falls, and many parks and trails to take a load off and explore. Our community has many local businesses offering employment, as well as stores and services you need to live. Check out local businesses by using the menu to the left.

Do Business & Shop
Spending only $5/week locally helps in so many ways! When we spend money in our county, local jobs are maintained, incomes are maintained or increase, property taxes remain steady or decrease, civic organizations flourish, and our households are in better financial shape and don’t have added stress.

$5/week spent in our community

• Adds $520,000 more sales tax per year to the county goverment
• Lowers Property Taxes
• Generates approx. 100 $25-$30,000 jobs
• Build stronger local businesses that are more resilient during recessions.
• Employ 100 people that could work and live in the same community or area with lower fuel bills, car maintenance and more time to invest in organizations and the community.

Our community has many of the following businesses:

• Insurance
• Banking
• Restaurants
• Gift Shops
• Printing
• Financial Services

Find out where you can shop locally by using the menu to the left.

The Town of Sullivan has beautiful parks, Oneida Lake, and many local attractions, shops and restaurants. Use the menu to the left.